Helping Women & Minorities Thrive

The Cultivation Company career and life coaching services deliver tangible impact and results to women and people of color. We ensure that the insights gained in one-on-one or group coaching sessions are translated into measurable professional performance improvement and higher personal satisfaction.

Coaching is well known as one of the best tools to accelerate performance. Sadly, many mid- or higher-level under-represented minorities (women and people of color) do not have a performance or life coach. As a professional, if you’re not being coached, you are at a disadvantage versus your peers. The Cultivation Company is uniquely positioned because we specialize in coaching women and people of color. We understand what it feels to be a minority and deliver coaching specifically tailored to their needs. We combine cultural and performance research, with self-discovery tools and proven guidance. Our approach ensures that insights gained in our sessions are translated into actions. We offer both one-one-one and group coaching, in person and remotely. Our culturally-sensitive career and performance coaching services deliver tangible results and measurable performance improvement to women & people of color and the companies they work for.

Watch Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt endorse coaching, they believe everyone needs a coach no matter what their profession. We believe every single minority leader should have coaching too.




Offering support.

“Thanks for your support. Without you,
I would not have gotten the role..”

— Non-Profit Org Executive

Providing value.

“Wow, I wished someone had told me all this information 10 years ago”

— Program Mgr, Fortune 100 Company

Understanding perspectives.

“Now I finally understand my manager and why she treats me the way she does. She is just different than me and I learned to manage up.”

— Marketing Executive, Tech Company