Titles Overview

The following is a list of our current and forthcoming book titles.


The Peaceful Botanicals Journal

Andrea Bijou's premium Peaceful Botanicals Journal for women features hand-painted watercolor art by the artist and a mindfulness quote in gold on the inside cover.


Jose Pinero's forthcoming book, "Mucho Success," features inspiring stories of successful Latinos who made it big in the corporate world and what they and others did to support them along the way. 


Go Back to the Beginning

Andrea Bijou's forthcoming book, "Go Back to the Beginning," s an inspiring storybook and journal designed to help readers heal and navigate through personal transformation. Through beautiful artwork, quotes, and inspiring stories, artist and writer Andrea Bijou shares the transformational insights that helped her move into a more fulfilling life. 


A Mysterious Hue

Andrea Bijou's forthcoming book, "A Mysterious Hue" is an illustrated healing journey of affirmations written for women's personal growth.